ACTIVATE Social Prescribing Training Course/Open Educational Resources have been developed and designed by community-based health professionals to provide information, resources, and support for the continued professional development of health and care professionals in an open and accessible way.

Training Course for Health & Care Professionals Course Overview

Topic 1

Introduction to Social Prescribing

  1. SP What, Why, Where & How
  2. Role of Health & Care Professional
  3. Social Prescribing in Action
  4. Reaching out & collaboration for SP success

Topic 2

Role of the Health & Care Professional in Adult & Community Learning

  1. Understanding adult education concepts
  2. 7 skills of adult educators
  3. Advanced communication skills
  4. Health Literacy & wellbeing.

Pop Quiz

Can you identify if the below statements are key ingredients of a social prescribing scheme?

Clear referral criteria and communication between agencies and sectors

Joint strategic needs assessment and partnership working

Co-produced personalised plan, tailored to individual needs at a pace appropriate to each person

Collaborative health and wellbeing strategies

Prevention strategies

Sustainability planning

Research has indicated that the link worker is the most important role in social prescribing.

Some quizzes on what health literacy is!

Health literacy means to locate, comprehend, and apply information and services to inform health-related decisions and choices about themselves and those around them.

The readability of the text may contribute to lower levels of health literacy

Being anxious never affects a person's ability to absorb, recall, and use health information effectively

When we say “Communicate” in Health literacy, we mean the ability to interpret and evaluate health information