This is an introductory course to Social Prescribing for Social/Cultural Service educators. A training course on how to create new or tailored cultural and social adult education lessons that deliver socially prescribed health and wellbeing benefits.

The course is innovative in 4 ways:

One:  We target Social/Cultural service educators and providers by addressing their need for new approaches/mechanisms to engage adults suffering from poor mental health, loneliness or isolation in their services.

Two: It is innovative as the first European project to develop social prescribing support for Social/Cultural Service educators and providers. While some limited supports are available in the UK (e.g. Museums on Prescription), no such supports exist in the other partner countries.

Three : It is also innovative in its approach as it flips this approach and focuses instead on embedding health and wellbeing (via social prescribing) in social and cultural community/public settings. The latter is more suited to adult learning being less clinical and more inclusive/informal.

Four: The Introduction to Social Prescribing Course for Social/Cultural Service providers is highly transferable to experts as it is inspired by best practice social prescribing, health and wellbeing approaches, and education from primarily the UK.

Course Contents:

View the Introduction to social prescribing course below or download to your device: