The Health Literacy Empowerment Guide for Adults

Mind Yourself Now

Social Prescribing is a powerful, proven community mechanism to improve the physical, emotional, mental wellbeing of adults by connecting you to non-medical community-based sources of supports.

While the benefits of social prescribing are vast & the process relatively simple, social prescribing is still a relatively unknown community approach to embedding lifelong learning as a resource for living. The Activate Social Prescribing for Community Learning project seeks to promote the principle of social prescribing to adults across EU.

Our guide encompasses 11 vital topics that cover how to get started with social prescribing:

1. Introduction to social prescribing

2. Getting started: My mental health & wellbeing

3. Getting active to keep well: Focus on exercise, social & community engagement

4. Using our local health services

5. Eating well: The role of nutrition in health & wellbeing

6. Communication in health settings: how to speak to & understand others

7. Strong relationship, strong health

8. Using technology to communicate and learn about health

9. Using our local community resources for wellbeing

10. Keeping well: creating your own wellbeing

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