­­Welcome to the Compendium of Social Prescribing

The Compendium of Social Prescribing Examples is a collection of 35 European case studies.   It presents a variety of different examples of the types of projects, groups and activities which have tremendous potential in the sphere of social prescribing and/or are already having an impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved in them.

This compendium is for organisations and people involved in providing community care. For example community-based health care groups and charities . It is also for those involved in funding community care projects.It is intended to provide real-life examples of the wide and diverse range of groups and activities. The Compendium guides implementation on how to replicate the social prescribing example in other locations within Europe and the rest of the world

The Activate Compendium is an online interactive guide full of rich media resources (like videos) and additional learning links. This rich media content provides a deeper, self- guided learning opportunity. We invite you to use these links and to explore and engage with the case studies and best practices in more detail.