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Want to find out a little more about the ASPALE Erasmus+ project and meet the ASPALE partners who are making all of this possible then just keep reading…

ASPALE has been developed with a clear goal in mind: to promote the principle of social prescribing to key adult education groups across the EU and empower at risk adults to improve their health literacy and take responsibility for their own health. Effective social prescribing is about providing the building blocks for personal learning & knowledge application in a wellbeing context.

Social Prescribing is a powerful, proven community mechanism to improve the physical, emotional, mental wellbeing of adults by connecting them to non-medical community-based sources of supports. While the benefits of social prescribing are vast and the process relatively simple, social prescribing is still a relatively unknown community approach to embedding life-long learning as a resource for living. 

Our project has a strong and cross representational consortium involving 8 partners from 6 countries

New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership

New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership was established in 2003 to bring a range of health-related programmes to the neighbourhoods of North Belfast.  These programmes have been developed following research into the needs of local residents, from evaluation of current programmes to identify gaps in provision and from requests from statutory and community and voluntary sector organisations for effective health programmes.  Our mission: “To improve the health and wellbeing of all residents of North Belfast.”

Roscommon Leader Partnership

Within the contexts of a harsher economic climate, Roscommon Leader Partnership seeks to champion needs responsive, local yet outward looking development initiatives which focus on improving the quality of life in Co. Roscommon for all. We provide practical and needed supports including grants, training, work placement and advice to community and voluntary groups, social inclusion target groups, small businesses, farm families and businesses and potential entrepreneurs. We also collaborate with a wide range of local organisations in the delivery of our services.


The Civil Non-Profit Company IASIS was founded in 2005. The main objectives of the organization are to provide psychosocial support, to fight the social exclusion of vulnerable groups of the population, to provide psychological and counselling services, to create equal opportunities and new perspectives for vulnerable groups of the population, to promote mental health, to provide psychiatric care in the Community based on the principles of Social Psychiatry and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, provision of specialized psychiatric services and psychoeducational interventions to the standards of Psychiatric Reform and the World Health Organization.


Firm believers in life long learning, education is at the heart of everything we do. Training, mentoring and online learning are three things we engage in professionally and three things we promote in our work. Over the last 20 years, Orla Casey has built up a solid reputation for innovative problem solving, economic development vision and the design, funding and delivery of game changing projects and programmes.

EUEI (European E-learning Institute)

We believe in learning, in fact EUEI was founded on the concept of ‘continuous learning’; a programme that provides enrichment to learners in a wide range of sectors, covering topics that are professional and/or personal. We place tremendous worth on the informal and flexible nature of continuing education and crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their careers and in business. Collaboration and peer learning form an important part of EUEI courses.

Aging Lab

Aging Social Lab  is a foundation created with the aim of becoming a  Knowledge Network on Aging  that arises from the concern of professors and researchers at the University and professionals from the business field of the social health world. Thus, directors of MACROSAD SCA and researchers from the UNIVERSITY OF JAÉN promote this enormous and exciting project by providing it with a foundational structure. We offer solutions to the challenge of aging, through the creation and transfer of knowledge.

Le Laba

Founded in 2013, Le LABA is a centre of expertise specialising in European funding and intervenes in the creative and cultural industries sector. Founded in 2013, Le LABA is a centre of expertise specialising in European funding and intervenes in the creative and cultural industries sector.

Culture and Health Pole in New Aquitaine

Created in 2011, the Culture and Health Pole in New Aquitaine is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC). Based on the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy, our responsibility is to facilitate mutual knowledge and relations between the worlds of arts, culture and health. We support professionals in these sectors to consolidate their cooperation initiatives. We are also working to recognize and promote these projects that are part of a general interest dynamic. We conduct our missions with respect for the cultural rights of individuals .